Daily dose of Donald

The Republican candidate has his own channel (with looping video clips) thanks to a couple of guys in Singapore.

Just when you thought you couldn’t escape the Trump, a channel dedicated to videos by and about him is created. And, to be honest, we can’t seem to turn ourselves away.

Trump247 is the “unofficial 24-hour channel featuring all the breaking and essential news, speeches, satire and commentary from supporters and critics of the 2016 U.S. Election’s most colourful candidate… Mr. Donald Trump” according to the page (which is housed on Cornflix.tv).

And we have some guys in Singapore to thank for filling the internet with this video content (or is that con-Trump?). We’re being serious – we’re actually thankful. There is just way too much out there to keep up. This way we can binge, feel a little bad about ourselves after, but have something to add to the water cooler conversation the next day —¬†and no one would the wiser.