It’s Legal edible cannabis

Let this be one of the first ads for a cannabis brand, and (probably) not the only one to make our jaws drop.

legal 2

There’s weird, and then there’s weed weird.

This new music video (not just a straight-forward commercial) for Legal, a sparkling tonic made with marijuana, is part-awesome, part-strange, but the song is damn well catchy. Sockeye, a creative shop based in Portland, where weed is legal to purchase, created the 90-second spot for the Mirth Provisions brand, working with indie film director James Westby to bring the piece to life. The product is particularly popular in Washington, another state to allow recreational pot sales, and comes in four flavours, including Lemon Ginger (Indica), Pomegranate (Sativa), Rainer Cherry (Hybrid) and Cranberry (CBD). Additional 15-second online spots, cut from the original music video, have also been created to be used on Mirth’s social media channels. So go on, sit back, watch and be weirded out by the wonderful weirdness of it all.


Advertiser: Mirth Provisions
Agency: Sockeye
Executive Creative Director: Peter Metz
Writer, Director, Editor: James Westby
Song: James Westby
Music: Jim Brunberg
Executive Producer: Ryan Crisman
Director of Photography: Tom Grissom
Post: Sockeye
Agency Producer: Stacy Lorts
Sound Design: Dig One