Child-like wonder

Mercedes-Benz shows grown-ups how easy it can be to "open" their imaginations again.

The “lifespan” trope, where we see someone growing from child to adult, have become a little common in ads over the last few years. But this latest one from Mercedes-Benz puts a slight twist on it by showing how the things we thought we left in our past just need a little spark to come back to life.

In a new, highly cinematic spot by agency Antoni, we see the world through the eyes of a young boy, and how things like the mobile over his crib and the stories his parents read to him spark his imagination and cause him to see fantastic, colourful creatures around him. As he gets older, though, his imagination becomes less and less active, as he focuses more on things like video games, school and eventually his job and adult responsibilities. The cinematography even gets more narrow to reflect this, focusing in on tight shots of money, his watch and the back of an airplane seat. But that all changes when he gets behind the wheel of a C-Class Cabriolet, because once he puts the top down, his world and imagination is opened up all over again.


Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Antoni