Have fun getting out of the sun

Cineplex and Zulu Alpha Kilo use towel-sized movie tickets to help beach-goers beat the summer heat.

When there’s a heat wave, there are two ways people tend to beat it: go to the beach, or enjoy a movie in an  air conditioned theatre. But the former can be less fun if it gets too hot, or a summer storm decides to show up.

To make sure beach-goers knew catching a movie would always be a viable option, regardless of the weather, Cineplex and agency Zulu Alpha Kilo hit up Wasaga Beach, as well as beaches near Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax. Even better, they showed up with beach towels that looked like giant versions of a movie ticket (complete with the message “There’s nothing entertaining about a sunburn”) and lay them out across the sand for people to find. Once people were done with the beach for the day, they could bring the towel to a Cineplex theatre and get a free admission to a movie of their choice.


Brand: Cineplex
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo