Taking your kid’s art off the fridge

This Turkish designer will turn your child's drawings into jewelry you can wear with pride.


We assume we’d understand this more if we had kids of our own, but parents seem to love whatever drawing their children come up with, no matter how, er, “questionable” their talents are. If this sounds familiar, but you’re running out of space on the fridge, we have another way for you to show off your kid’s creation with pride.

Turkish designer¬†Tasarim Takarim¬†has launched a new service where you can submit a child’s drawing and they’ll turn it into a piece of jewelry. The most common pieces, based on a glance at their Instagram page, seem to be necklace pendants, but they’ll also do cufflinks and bracelets, if that’s more your style.


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(h/t Design Taxi)

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