Scales and fins for us mere humans

Stockings for those who have always wanted to live out their dreams of being a mermaid or dragon.

Some of us just need to escape the realities of life, and put on some mermaid scales.

That’s the idea, we assume, behind these marvellous and eye-catching stockings by Instagrammers and Etsy shop owners¬†Fancy Shadows (a finalist for the 2016 Etsy Awards).¬†They’re a cosplay couple and designers from Germany, and they’re about making costume accessories from horns to scaly tights that can help anyone transform into Ariel for their next dress-up party. And they’re totally not over the top, with the plus side that you can still walk on your two human feet (think of it as Ariel getting her cake and eating it too).

Some #scales from our #mermaid #tights with lilac and violett color #mermaidleggings #mermaidtights #tinkercast

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