Tim Hortons embraces the underdogs

The QSR salutes the unsung motivators in its new spot.

As we prepare to get misty-eyed from all the Olympic advertising coming our way these next few weeks, Tim Hortons is out ahead. A new spot, called “To those who lead by example,” connects a father’s labour and devotion as a construction worker to amateur sport.

“Deep down, we’re all underdogs,” the voiceover begins as the father rises at 4:30 a.m. and checks in on his sleeping daughter before heading to Tim Hortons on his way to work. At the 30-second spot’s midway point, the voiceover transitions into a pre-game motivational speech he’s giving to his daughter’s soccer team (sponsored by Tim Hortons, naturally). “To those who lead by example, you are why we brew,” the spot ends, the latter part of the message written in a large maple leaf.