Animating lost voices

Interviews with icons were found and then animated, so we never have to wonder how Nina Simone felt about evening gowns.

Ever wanted to hear Nina Simone talk about evening gowns? Or Ray Bradbury explain why he never drove a car? How about Cher talk about all things kitsch, or David Foster Wallace rue his obstinacy as a student?

We have journalist David Gerlach to thank for these resurrections, which are paired with playful animations and converted into five-minute YouTube videos. Gerlach, founder of Quoted Studios, partnered with PBS Digital Studios to create Blank on Blank. The veteran of Newsweek, ABC and other outlets had been mulling the idea for years after remarking on the number of times he and his colleagues would conduct lengthy interviews only to use a few lines, and discard the recordings. He’s collected them from various places, including children of journalists who preserved the old tapes.

Blank on Blank has now created 70 episodes, featuring everyone from Fidel Castro to Grace Kelly to Bill Murray. Warning: these timeless videos can eat up a few hours in no time.

From Digiday

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