Hair you actually want in your food

Pasta packaging has never looked so chic.

pasta 1

If these pasta packages were in stores today, we’d likely pick up two boxes of each — one to display on the kitchen counter, and another to put to proper use (to eat, of course).

The packaging conjured up by a clever creative in Russia, Nikita Knokin, is making us excited by the prospect of some brand picking up the concept and bringing it to stores. The minimalist white boxes are cut with simple line drawings of pretty female faces, with the the opening around her head being used to display the different curls, waves and straight shapes of various pasta as if they were her beautiful blonde mane.┬áPlease, someone take the bait. Why? Besides their brilliant ability to make every other competing product around them look like an ignorable background, you’d be making our kitchen counters look great with a set of these pasta dos.

pasta 2 pasta 3 pasta 4

pasta 5


Via Packaging Insider


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