Introducing Nosulus Rift, a VR nose-set

How to use virtual reality to promote the new South Park game? With farts, obviously.

Before reading any further, take a deep breath. You may soon find yourself unconsciously wanting to hold it.

To promote the launch of the next South Park video game, called South Park: The Fractured But Whole (let that one stink in, er,  sink in), Ubisoft is launching an olfactory assault with what appears to be a frighteningly potent weapon: the Nosulus Rift, a VR nose-set.

Why? Well, this is the new South Park game, a superhero spoof featuring a character whose farts are his special power.

Starting this week at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany, the Nosulus Rift will be testing gag reflexes at major gaming events across Europe and North America leading up to the game’s Dec. 6 release.

To complement the device, made by Productman, Buzzman created the campaign that includes a website and videos describing the product and interviews with its creators. Highlights include testimonials from innovation and design consultant Nakata Tuobashi ¬†(“So what does a fart smell like? We took it seriously and we hired the best noses to work on it.”); a German perfume expert, Jurgen Bischoff, described as “Nose” (“Everybody worked hard to find the ‘Fartgrance,’ as I named it. I smelled more than a thousand farts before I finally synthesized the one.”); and consumer testimonials (“It was exactly as if someone had farted right in my face. I was like: ‘Holy shit, is this a real fart?’”)