It’s time to talk about cart abandonment

Placing those jilted online trolleys in the real world makes them look so sad.

RetailMeNot is the latest to take on the ease with which online shoppers can ditch their shopping carts. The brand’s latest ad from Y&R New York¬†features melancholy shots of castaways – washed up on shore, left in empty parking lots, deserted on street corners.

No more, the ad says, with RetailMeNot’s online and in-store deals.

AdWeek notes¬†a very similar 2015 spot called “Save the Carts” for SteelHouse, an ad tech company.

Others, such as start-up Gatsby, have tried different tools to take on cart abandonment. Working with mattress e-tailer Helix Sleep, the company added a button to the checkout page offering a discount to customers who tweet about their impending purchase, incentivizing them to follow through and turning them into influencers.


Agency: Young & Rubicam
Advertiser: RetailMeNot
Chief marketing officer, North America: Marissa Tarleton
Senior brand marketing director: Scott Sundheim
Brand marketing manager: Kristen Larrea

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