New York Fries goes Italian

Gordon Pinsent finds the best of Italy, right here, in his mouth.
Copied from strategy - NYF

Who needs Italy when there’s a new New York Fries poutine? That’s the case Canadian acting legend Gordon Pinsent is making in a trio of radio spots promoting the food chain’s new Chicken Parm Poutine.

“Keep your romantic gondola serenades, hand-fed grape dinners and nudie statues,” Pinsent says in the spot called “Postcard,” after receiving a “Wish you were here” missive from a vacationing friend. New York Fries has his Italian cravings covered.

The 30-second radio ads – “Even Bad Days,” “Italian Moment” and “Postcard” – by Juniper Park\TBWA launched today. PR firm Instigator is playing on the latter theme as part of its campaign, sending promotional postcards to influencers.


There is also a social push that includes a video, released Aug. 19, of an Italian model eating the new poutine, with┬álots of stringy cheese close-ups and finger licking that’s meant to look seductive.