Paintings for poochie

It sounds ridiculous that an insurance company created an art gallery for canines, but it's actually kinda not.

dog art1

We totally judged this stunt video the minute we pushed play. And you would too if we told you that an artist was commissioned to create an art gallery for dogs.

But now, after learning who’s really behind it, and why they did it, we’re actually quite tickled.

You see, insurance company More Than wants people to play with their pets. It’s asking everyone to take a pledge, in fact, to take 15 minutes each day to cuddle with their kitties and puppies in an effort to ensure they are¬†emotionally happy and physically healthy.

But, instead of just asking people to spend quality time with Fido and company, the brand is putting its money where its mouth is and created an interactive art gallery of sorts for dogs, which includes playful paintings, giant dog food bowls, water bowl fountains, and even a simulated car window complete with blowing wind.

dog art2 dog art3 dog art4 dog art5

Via TAXI Daily