TD is thankful, again

The bank lays on the gratitude with its "TD Thank Account."
TDThanks You

OK, so it’s no mysterious automated talking-and-thanking machine, but TD’s latest customer appreciation stunt is still a pretty hair-raising way to praise its patrons for being so darn awesome.

The latest spot, “TD Thank Account” by Diamond Integrated Marketing, is an apropos extension of 2014′s tear-duct-squeezing viral spot and platform “TDThanksYou.”

Its emotional effects are similar, as clients across North America interacting with the bank (from in-branch and on the phone to coffee shops and pop-up bank counters) receive unexpected and personalized goodies for being, well, good to the bank (and the outside world) all these years.

The thoughtful gifts are of similar value to the previous execution (a flight to see a loved one or tickets to watch a Blue Jays game) but the execution is slightly different this time in that the bank used a card reader as the bearer of good news, issuing transaction receipts that display messages of appreciation and support for each customer in the video.

The bank took one step further with single spots telling more of the story behind some of the customers featured in the main spot, which you can watch below.


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