Kids know everything

Well, maybe not about yogurt.

Just when we thought we were getting tired of kids as props, spouting adorable nonsense about healthy food… enter Iögo’s campaign for its Nano line. From the soundtrack to the interviewer to the editing to the kids’ performances, the yogurt brand takes a tired formula and makes it work.

Iogo is pushing the Nano line as a healthy choice for kids, with new packaging, in-store promotions and an influencer-led campaign. The online videos are the latest addition to the campaign from Montreal-based agency Alfred.

Kids may not know much about artificial flavours, or calcium, or Vitamin D, or preservatives, or even spill-proof caps. But we think one girl really nailed the question about advertising.


Client: Aliments Ultima
Agency: Alfred
CD: Jean-François Bernier
CWs: Jean-François Bernier, Martin Charron, Julien Remillard
ADs: Jean-François Bernier, Nicolas Rivard, Charlie Toussaint
Producer: Fanny Richelet
Production : Général Films
Director: Jean-François Bernier
Director of photography: Jean-Pierre Trudel