Bike love (not war)

Agency59 puts a bird on its creative guide for bike signals.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.21.30 AM

There are a$$hole bikers. And there are a$$hole motorists.

Whoever you are, whether you choose to ride two or four wheels, you’re one and the same in that you have to (you guessed it) share the road. Some of us forget this from time to time, which then leads to war breaking loose on the streets (this Stim writer is, admittedly, both aggressor and victim).

Where is the love, people? While this video from Agency59 starts out on the side of the cyclist, demonstrating how to vent your frustration at motorists in the form of one simple, but sickly satisfying gesture, it then goes on to show it’s not worth the frustration and dirty looks (for heaven’s sake, you have a child with you!).

The agency is essentially imploring commuters, of all vehicular varieties, to share the road and alleviate the tension by making Bike Love, Not War.