Eat the Ex and keep score

FCB/SIX is counting your Cronut calories, whether you like it or not.


The salt is winning, or maybe we all are. Or maybe none of us are.

With another CNE set to expire after this Labour Day weekend, Toronto Agency FCB/Six is calculating the Ex’s toll – in calories, salt, fat and sugar. It’s not pretty, but then neither are some of the menu items. This is the Ex, after all, home of the Cronut burger. Nobody’s dining there on their cardiologist’s advice.

The team at FCB/Six had a look at this year’s menu and was inspired to provide some data. We’re not sure whether this is meant as a warning to the sober visitor or a rallying cry for the Ex’s food maniacs. But as you go for that hot dog sprinkled with corn pops, or that cricket taco, or whatever melty, caloric abomination you have your poor heart set on, you can find comfort (or horror) in Eat the Ex’s running tally.

As of Wednesday afternoon:

Calories: more than 743 million

Salt: more than 1 billion mg

Fat: more than 41 million grams

Sugar: more than 62 million grams