Tell it like it is, dead Abe Lincoln

The former prez tells Americans they 'just got screwed' by the two-party system in this wacky ad for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Just when you thought the U.S. presidential race couldn’t get any crazier, enter a straight-talking dead president advocating a third way. Still, there’s some method to the madness in this video starring Abe Lincoln in support of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

The former president compares the choice in 2016 to “a two-horse race, where one horse cheats and the other one eats Muslims.” Or in another colourful analogy, America is Gotham City: Clinton represents the mob’s predictable, steady corruption, while Trump is the Joker, inviting chaos. “It’s time to vote for freaking Batman!” Lincoln declares. And Batman is Gary Johnson.

The five-minute video, funded by Johnson supporter Alternative PAC, aims to get the former New Mexico governor into the presidential debates. It also offers a vote-pairing solution to overcome voters’ fears of wasting their ballots on a third-party candidate. A site called will match disenchanted Democrats with disenchanted Republicans in the same state, so that neither Clinton nor Trump is advantaged by their votes.

“It’s like Tinder but not gross, and it can save America,” Lincoln says.

via AdWeek

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