A streetcar grafitti canvas

Heineken and a gang of artists recently had their creative way with Toronto's red rocket.

What does Toronto have that many cities don’t? Aside from the obvious answer of a famously sordid mayoral past, the city has a fleet of streetcars, which very few others can boast at equal degree. While our transportation system may be a bit of a mess compared to most other developed metropolises, the streetcar is a big part of Toronto’s identity and it’s one that Heineken recently used to show how it can help shape the city.

The beer brand recently commissioned three young street artists to transform a single streetcar by spraying art across its steel bodice. It all happened during an exclusive party, which appropriately took place at an underpass in the city. Admittedly, the streetcar under the bridge was not an actual streetcar used on the streets of T.O., rather it was a replica of the red rocket. However, after the beer-emblazoned event was done, the brand took the final artwork and wrapped it around a whole fleet of cars so it could continue to live on the city’s streets. You can see all that went down at the party and on the streetcars by watching the video below.