The astronaut and the Arctic

Chris Hadfield and a bunch of creative folk recently explored the ice-riddled area. Here's what they found.

screen shot 2016-09-19 at 8.22.36 pm

What we wouldn’t give to enjoy a Sunday brunch with Chris Hadfield — let alone exploring the Arctic Ocean for 18 days.

We wouldn’t turn down the former invitation, but we’d also jump at the latter, which, evidently, a team of scientists, photographers, writers, musicians, and videographers would agree. A bunch of folks in these creative and scientific fields recently said yes to traversing the Arctic with the retired Canadian astronaut in order to create content that would tell a different kind of story.

The Generator is a project, led by Hadfield and agency Launch*pad, that saw the artistic team of influencers spend three weeks together from August to September to film their travels for people to view live and as their stories unfolded on social media. It’s all part of a fall event that takes place at Toronto’s Massey Hall on Nov. 12 and which will be complemented with a special event at the AGO on Nov. 2 (where all of the explorers will present part of their stories to an audience).

“The idea is rather than fall all over ourselves to create stories, we wanted to create an amazing platform to inspire others do make those stories instead, ” said Alex Shifrin, managing partner at Launch*pad. “We believe that the right platform is much more compelling for a brand than the right story. Creative agencies talk about creating content and storytelling but I think we’ve found a much better way to inspire people to do it even better.”