The BMO Effect gets stranger

A Stranger Things star gets his poolside fun foiled in the bank's latest spot.


As part of BMO’s efforts to show how easy it can make life for its customers, its latest spot has a son asking his mom why she didn’t have to go the bank to open a new account. When she tells him she just did it on her phone while she sat by the pool, he scrambles to try and cover up the fact that he had something planned for when he had the house to himself, only for his friends to blow his cover when they appear from the Upside Dow–er, from behind the pool fence.

Yes, the son in the spot is Gaten Matarazzo, the young actor who played trucker hat-wearing, front teeth-missing Dustin in Stranger Things. This ad was shot before the show became a cultural phenomenon and he started handing out sandwiches at the Emmys, but it’s still disconcerting to see how bad Matarazzo is at hiding his friends when he would later have to do the same to protect a telekinetic child created by a shady organization.

Also, because we can:


If we’ve got you wanting to see more early career work from the most likable kids in show business, you can also find Finn Wolfhard (aka Mike Wheeler) playing a sociopathic, razorblade-wielding bully in the 2014 video for “Guilt Trip” by Toronto punk band PUP.