A cart for kings

Meet the new, chic hot dog stand created for none other than the Guggenheim Museum.

cart 2

If you’re the Guggenheim, you want a fancy hot dog cart to go with your fancy museum building, right? Greasy menu boards and ketchup stains on the ground just won’t do.

The museum’s restaurant in Bilbao commissioned Arquimaña to create this wood-slash-aluminium cart that puts all other city grease traps to shame. It’s even got a name (naturally): Salchibotxo. And not only does it look like something out of a furniture design magazine, it’s also equipped with a sound system, shading for customers and the hard-working vendor, and even a coin slot for diners to leave tips. Remember though, folks, just because it looks great, doesn’t mean its contents will make you look great — they are hot dogs after all.

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hot dog3 hot dog2

Via Fast Co.Design and Design Boom