Get condom famous

Toronto Public Health wants you to design a condom that reflects "who we are - and who we do."
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Forget writing a catchy song, you could be famous for helping others avoid other catchy things, such as an STI.

Have you ever found yourself sketching on a condom wrapper while waiting for a bus? Well, then, you’re the kind of person Toronto Public Health is looking for. The department¬†wants those with just the right amount of temerity to design a condom wrapper that will go on to save lives and prevent unplanned pregnancies. It’s asking for designs that will represent the people of Toronto, and as a result, will make them proud to wear a rubber the next time they have oral, anal or vaginal sex.

Working with The&Partnership, the Miami Ad School and ONE condom company, the department recently launched the condomTO design contest, which¬†not only gets imaginative minds to create artwork for the wrappers, but also rewards them for their winning designs at a gala in November. That’s right, there will be trophies for the best condom design. That’s gotta be a first. If you end up entering, and winning, we recommend making a latex dress/suit for the red carpet, and speaking to these guys to help you out.

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