Dining with Ikea

Families that levitate together, eat together.
Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 8.55.39 PM

According to Ikea Canada, families spend only 30 minutes together during a typical weekday. We don’t know what they’re doing during those 30 minutes, but we’re willing to bet a lot of that time is spent not conversing but huddled in front of a screen. Tsk, tsk.

Well, the brand believes it has a solution, and it’s called the dining room table.

In the spot below, Ikea shows a family of five doing their own thing, in their own room, during their own time, before being magically airlifted to the table, where they enjoy a family meal together. They have no objection to having just floated their way across the home –┬áthere isn’t a single kick or scream from any of them. Which makes us ask, when will they start stocking whatever levitation potion they used?


Advertiser: Ikea Canada
Agency: Leo Burnett
Country Marketing Manager: Lauren MacDonald
CEO & COO: Judy John
Associate Creative Director: Kelly Zettel
Associate Creative Director: Sam  Cerullo
Group Creative Director: Anthony Chelvanathan
Group Creative Director: Steve Persico
Producer: Emma Du Boisson