Kit Kat’s Halloween pun fun

A bear-costumed Chance the Rapper meets Chance the Wrapper.

Kit Kat’s “Give Me a Break” jingle has been around for 30 years. That’s longer than Chance the Rapper has been in the world, but the Chicago musician manages to offer a fresh take on the enduring tune in this new Halloween spot by Anomaly.

Chance, dressed in a bear costume, is scanning the aisles of a decked out candy store when one chocolate bar in particular speaks to him: a Kit Kat with his face, beside the clever title “Chance the Wrapper.”

The “wrapper” then embarks on his own bluesy rendition of the Kit Kat jingle.

The real Chance approves: “That’s a good song.”

Toronto’s OPC handled production for the video, with director Jono Hunter.