Oh good, another terrifying clown

As if there were any shortage these days, here's one more from Atomic Candy.

Already responsible for countless media stories and forĀ putting Ronald McDonald into hiding, creepy clowns are having a moment.

In case we didn’t have quite enough of them around, here’s another, courtesy of Atomic Candy and just in time for Halloween.

Comical ending? We guess so. But let’s be real – this spot is still just plain scary. Thanks for haunting our dreams, Innocean.


Brand: Atomic Candy
Advertising Agency: Innocean
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Springer
Creative Director / Art Director: Kiran Koshy
Copywriter: Jeff Hodgson
Director: Kiran Koshy
Director of Photography / Finish: Mike Jensen
Camera Assist: Landon Brands
Color: Mike Pethel / Beach House Color
Editor: Adam Henderson / PostOp
Sound Design: Michael Anastasi / Barking Owl Sound
Music: Dustin Ballard
The Clown: Dustin Ballard
Makeup: Krystle Starr
Props / Art: Justin McCormick

via Adweek

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