Giving America a confidence boost

The Garden's project reminds our neighbours that they're already pretty great.

It’s not particularly hard to gets laughs at America’s expense these days (when people aren’t crying real tears) but the folks at The Garden are trying to give our neighhours a bit of a confidence boost.

The Toronto-based agency has created a social campaign with a single mission: “Tell America It’s Great.” Its site features a range of short videos of Canadians listing all the reasons why America is already great, from bluegrass to being a place of opportunity. Check out a compilation of the reasons below.

Less than a week in, the campaign has had more than 100,000 tweets – using #tellamericaitsgreat – and has gained nearly two billion media impressions, picking up coverage in The New York Times, NPR, Forbes and Fast Company. It’s also led to some good vibes being sent our way, like this: