Who’s winning the pizza vote?

Canadians get a say in the U.S. election with the purchase of custom pies.

Here’s another one for the rapidly expanding annals of Canadian marketing on the back of this train wreck of an election to the south (only 20 more days, only 20 more days).

Toronto’s North of Brooklyn pizzeria has created custom pies for the Republican and Democratic candidates. The “Donald” has sausage, pepperoni, orange cheese and jalapenos (not from Mexico). The “Hillary” has aged blue cheese, smoked chicken and (partly redacted) arugula. So consumers can vote with their mouths – or wallets – giving Canadians a voice.

But there’s more. There’s something actually at stake in this marketing ploy – the real vote of an anonymous dual American-Canadian citizen, “Jimmy,” who will vote according to which pizza sells the most.