Get Raccookin’ with Geico

The insurance provider's online videos parody cooking demos with a raccoon chef.

As fall finally sets in, the four-legged bandits that knock over bins to eat some appalling waste buffet are retreating to their winter dens. Fortunately Geico is doing its part to keep them in our hearts until, come spring, that nest in the chimney just can’t be ignored any longer.

Building off a TV spot that features a group of scavenging raccoons  discussing their rancid finds and trying to get each other to try it, the insurance provider and The Martin Agency have launched a series of online videos starring a raccoon chef who demurely offers his recipes (“Now add mouldy cheese to your personal taste preference. Once that’s looking disgusting, pour the pasta into the baking dish.”)

The videos are also cleverly shot, focused exclusively on the raccoon paws as they knead pizza dough and fumble with blenders.

Be sure to consider the Pumpkin Pie à la Dumpster this Halloween.

Via Adweek

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