An ode to the generic

Dissolve's mock campaign video made entirely from stock footage reminds us of saner political times.

A lot of words have been used to describe this presidential campaign, but generic likely isn’t one of them.

Calgary-based stock footage and photography company Dissolve is reminding us of a simpler campaign era, where the candidates’ mundanity and canned nature were the worst offences – rather than, say, vulgar videos and FBI investigations.

Dissolve calls “This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad” the “perfect palate cleanser” for the final stretch of this seemingly interminable political season. Made entirely from stock footage, the video has fun with the empty tropes that commonly dominate political discourse and imagery – lens flares, hard hats, sunrises, and selfies.

The company has also assembled a roundup of stock footage gaffes from ads earlier in this political season, including Marco Rubio’s “Morning Again in America” featuring footage shot in Vancouver.


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