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The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has those living with the condition answer tough questions typically Googled.
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Today marks the beginning of Canadian Down Syndrome Week, and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society has turned to the experts to answer questions in a new campaign.

In a series of 38 videos on YouTube and the campaign microsite, common questions about Down syndrome are answered by those who know first-hand – the people living with it. Topics range from “What is Down syndrome?” and “What health problems do people with Down syndrome have?” to “Can a person with Down syndrome drink alcohol?” and “Can people with Down syndrome have a baby?”

When an unborn child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, parents typically have 10 days to decide how to proceed with the pregnancy, leading to a great deal of stress and confusion. That’s why all of the video topics in the campaign are based on the most popular questions parents search on Google following a diagnosis. The videos – created by FCB Canada, where all the staff has been certified in Google AdWords fundamentals – not only cover the most pressing questions, but will be among the first results parents find when they look for answers.

“The majority of prospective parents know very little about Down syndrome,” said Kirk Crowther, national executive director at the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. “Doctors do their best and there are lots of websites offering the medical perspective but they typically use very clinical terms that don’t capture the emotional and human side of the Down syndrome story.”

Though the campaign is targeted at parents looking for answers, it could also help dispel stigmas and myths among the general population as well.

“Just by casting real people with Down syndrome we start to dispel some misconceptions about the developmental disability,” added Jeff Hilts, CCO at FCB Canada. “But what will really make this campaign effective is ensuring people find the videos first when they turn to Google looking for answers.”

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