Wanted on the voyage?

WestJet's owners join a family trip by virtually fitting in their luggage.

Forget Siri and Alexa, or even Scarlett Johansson’s Samantha from Her. The Brittlestar family got to bring virtual WestJet employees along for the family trip to Hawaii.

In this strange online video, part of the airline’s “Owner’s Care” platform, the family arrives at the airport for a WestJet flight and is given luggage with built-in tablets. WestJet employees appear on the screen and announce they’re coming along.

There are some pluses. The carry-on bag’s tablet helps them upgrade their seats at check-in, offers in-flight meal recommendations (“Try the cheese platter”) and gets them checked into the hotel. But it gets a bit weird when they’re wheeled into the hotel room and show up at romantic dinners.

The Brittlestars seemed to appreciate the company, though, as evidenced in the adolescent son’s awkward embrace of the luggage when they part.