Ambition is in Hamilton’s blood

The city shows how it's reclaiming its fortunes in this poignant spot.
Hamilton 1

They call Hamilton the Brooklyn of Toronto. Most still don’t know much about the place, and have preconceived notions of what Steeltown is like.

But Hamilton’s Ec Dev division is trying to set the record straight in the latest in a series of YouTube videos that the city has commissioned to show off its diversity.

It’s not all dirty industrial, as (dare we say) most people think. In this spoken-word spot, a young woman lists all the reasons why Hamilton is “Canada’s most┬ádiversified economy,” boasting a “strong, collaborative business community, a thriving arts scene, a place whose people give back time and again.” The entire spot is stitched to appear as though it was filmed in one single shot, and showcases the people behind small businesses, those in the arts scene, and booming industries that make up a thriving, ambtious (not-all-industrial) city.


Advertiser: Hamilton Ec Dev
Producer:  Michael Pett (Colourblind Productions)
Director: Christoph Benfey (Low Key Studios)
Production Company: Bates Audio Productions