Fictional floor plans made real

Visit the homes of Mr. White, Buffy, Sherlock and others in these detailed mock-ups.


Many times we have Googled homes/apartments/cottages that house and host the characters in various TV series. We’re invited back in each week, so why not take a closer peek?

Well, the folks at took as close a peek as anyone can. The real estate blogging site recently went as far as blueprinting the floor plans of the living spaces for characters in popular shows like Mr. Robot, Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.¬†We’re still waiting on The New Girl (seriously, we’re still not sure where that apartment begins and ends).

home-floor-plans-of-famous-tv-shows-7 home-floor-plans-of-famous-tv-shows-9 home-floor-plans-of-famous-tv-shows-8 home-floor-plans-of-famous-tv-shows-6 home-floor-plans-of-famous-tv-shows-2Via Fubiz



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