Stop, collaborate and listen

Havas puts 50 ADs and one photog together in a seriously neat business pitch.

collab 3Every Tom, Dick and Harry is a photographer these days. Standing out is hard AF. But, then again, most photographers don’t have Havas Worldwide Canada to make that part of the job a little less harrowing.

When Toronto-based photographer Aric Guité began working with the creative folks at the shop, he gave them 50 names of art directors he’s only ever dreamed of working with. Instead of sending the ADs a standard portfolio of images he’s shot, they decided to go personal.

They scoured the 50 ADs’ Instagram profiles and chose one iconic photo for each. Then, they asked Guité to shoot 50 images that would cleverly complement them. Those were later posted to the photog’s own Insta profile, along with the art directors’ images, laid out as a diptych with the hashtag #CollabWithAric. Simple and to the point, the posts asked (in creatively written ways) the ADs to consider working with Guité on their next project.

The video below shows the whole campaign in action, with some pretty neat results, so be sure to check it out.

collab 2

collab 1

collab 4