CAA tends to adult bellyaches

Grown men throw hissy fits, too.

At what age do you grow out of temper tantrums? Is it once you’ve graduated to big boy and girl pants? Or is it OK that we still, as adults, occasionally throw hissy fits when things don’t go our way — like when this guy was trapped outside his car in a new spot from CAA and Extreme Group.

While some of us can bottle the despair inside, this guy became a throw-my-toys-out-the-crib version of himself after having seen his child do the exact same thing five minutes earlier. The┬áCanadian Automobile Association presented this situation in a humorous way to drive its message around how the brand is about “Making bad days good. And good days better.”

It’s the first spot from the 2016/2017 campaign. Phil Sylver, CD at Extreme, said in a release that “[the agency is] building on the strength of the brand to help with the drama of daily life, using light-hearted everyday scenarios people can relate to. As most parents can agree, I’ve been in that kind of situation before.”

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