Doing ‘it’ for Denmark

How Spies' loyalty program is encouraging Danes to fornicate for the good of the country.


“Even though children are lovely, they are not good for your sex life.”

Take a moment to let that sink in. It’s the first line in an email we received from one of the team members over at Spies Denmark. It just launched an ad campaign, and it’s not at all like any creative we’ve seen from a travel company before —¬†unless you’ve come across commercials that beg people to “do it forever” so that they can help “Save Denmark” from its low birth rate caused by a lack of mojo?

The latest spot in the “Do it for Denmark. Do it forever” campaign plays like a parody video more than a legitimate marketing piece, but we have to admit, it’s pretty effective. The spot goes through the facts, like how¬†46% of Danes in relationships with children have less sex with their partner after having children, and then explains how Spies can help with its loyalty program (with a built-in fertility bonus).

It’s simple: the more children you and your partner have produced, the bigger the discount you get on exotic holidays from the company. We’ll let the video answer any WTF questions that might be swimming in your head right now.

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