‘Tis the season to be bright

Canadian Tire pinned NOMA lights to the walls of a Yukon home to prove the product is as powerful as Canada's winters.

If you lived in an area that sits pitch black (with no trace of the sun and her rays) for three solid weeks, you’d probably also welcome a blast of colourful Christmas lights.

That’s what Canadian Tire recently did for a couple who lives and works near an arctic research station in Destruction Bay, Yukon. When the retailer brought lights from brand NOMA and pinned them to the couple’s home, it ┬átested their ability to withstand one of the coldest and harshest places in the world. The video below shows Canadian Tire’s trek up North, and the process of making the couple’s home Christmas-ready, adding to the retailer’s swatch of creative that shows how its products are tested by and for Canadians.

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