Brewing the right gift

Agency59's Christmas campaign for The Brew Box taps into our love of quizzes.


If all Christmas shopping were as simple as taking an online quiz, the holiday season would be far less stressful for many of us. Beer delivery club The Brew Box is taking this approach in its new campaign targeting women who want to give the men in their lives something different.

The campaign from Toronto’s Agency59 is pushing a quiz on social media that helps narrow down the recipient’s type to find the appropriate batch of beers to have delivered each month. It’s a clever approach, offering a level of customization and demanding just enough effort that Christmas shoppers won’t be left feeling guilty that they didn’t put enough thought into the gift, even though that customization is illusory – no matter how you answer the seven multiple choice questions, the gift recommendation is, inevitably, “craft beer.”

The campaign is also being pushed with a series of posters.




Client: The Brew Box
Agency: Agency59, Toronto
CCO: Brian Howlett
CD: Andrew Gillingham
AD: Carlie Turco
CW: Nick Blagrave
Programmer: Oddly

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