(Everything is) Betterwith ice cream

123w makes an honest brand out of a dessert.
betterwith 1

Lori Joyce and her sidekick Heather White made building a cupcake empire seem like, well, a piece of cake. The “Cupcake Girls” showed the country how it’s done in a docu-soap about their Vancouver bakery on theĀ W Network. But Joyce has decided she wants to have her cake and eat ice cream too, so to speak.

This week, she launches a new ice cream brand called Betterwith. It’s a made up word for a dessert that Joyce deems goes better with anything, even olive oil. Don’t believe us? Here’s her blog post about pairing olive oil and cream, an odd couple, yes, but one that’s got us strangely watering at the mouth. (Seriously, just think about it.)

We should note that the brand is all about “honest” ingredients, with the dairy used in the cream 100% traceable and taken from cows who live happy, healthy lives (because “happy cows make better ice cream”). And as you can see below, Joyce worked with 123w to create the teal-heavy brand identity, website, POS and trade show booth materials.

You likely won’t see the product in your local store just yet though. The boss-lady-baker is rolling out Betterwith slowly and with product demonstrations in Whole Foods and Choice Markets to start. While the ice cream category is hot right now, this is one brand we’ll be looking for on shelves (if only to try the above contemporary cream concoction we still can’t get out of our heads).

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