BMO rolls out a new kind of C-Suite

Meet Jessica, the bank's youthful chief allowance officer.

November, after mostly dropping the “M” and thus no longer marred by the hideous lip rugs of well-intentioned men, can just be Financial Literacy Month in Canada now. Some banks, including Tangerine, are taking the opportunity to roll out educational campaigns in online videos, but BMO’s got one for the kids – the target group they may refer to as the “Allowance Investor.”

To walk her peers through the byzantine world of investing, chief allowance officer Jessica employs some relatable analogies. An RESP is “kind of like getting an allowance without doing the chores.” Chequing accounts are for crayons and chocolate bars. The stock market’s ebbs and flows are rationalized using Maltesers.

Does she get a bit too precocious with talk of a “two-bedroom, Victorian-style treehouse”? Yeah, probably. But good on the bank for finding a fun way to relay the educational message.


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