Lg2boutique’s rebranding magic

An electronics store and a boutique barbershop brand go under the design knife.


2017 is a-coming, and a couple brands in Quebec have been prepping for the new year with a clean, crisp slate — thanks to the creative eyes and minds at design shop Lg2boutique.

The branding division of creative agency Lg2 has, in the last week, revealed new visual identities for two very different brands, Stéréo Plus (a  35-year-old electronics chain) and Rituels (a line of locally made shaving products and barbershop).


Not only does the Stéréo Plus get a new look outside of its 35 franchisees (with its new modern logo appearing with brightly coloured accents in magazine ads and corporate materials), but the same elements have been tied in-store (with a multitude of colours being incorporated into shop displays, which create a clearly defined 5-zone layout for TV, wearable devices, IT, home control and audio visual).


The “plus” sign in its name has been made the focal point, and Hélène Fortin, architect at lg2boutique, explains that the sign is “a strong creative element that transfers easily to the architectural and commercial space.”


“We drew heavily on these flexible and practical signs in our design of advertising material and the in-store space, in addition to creating a discovery zone at the heart of the store and reworking the displays, listening stations, benches and consultation corner,” she adds.

Next up, the agency reworked new boutique brand Rituels’ look to communicate “sobriety, class and elegance while avoiding any feeling of loftiness,” said Jacques de Varennes, partner, VP of design and CD at lg2boutique.


All of the elements are designed to be flexible across platforms, from product containers and packaging to store signs and windows.


The brand offers a variety of products for men (“bearded or not, lumberman or actuary”), which include rare fragrances, as well as razors and shaving brushes made with wood and concrete handles.