To fly or not to fly (for free)

This product demonstration video for Air Canada's premium seats is neatly disguised as a gift-vertising spot.

You’re sitting in a self-proclaimed “authentic” French restaurant, minding your own business, chomping down on a croque-monsieur (or something equally French-like), when a mysterious lady dressed in uniform asks if you’d like to ditch this Boston joint and experience the real deal in Paris.

Catch is: you have to leave right then and there and jump on a plane before the offer expires. You have no time to think, only time to do.

For us, it’s a no-brainer. Call in sick at work if you have to, buy clothing at the airport, do whatever it takes to get those two free seats in Air Canada’s Premium Economy class, and then another two on a rooftop with the Eiffel Tower in full view.

Well, we’re glad to see there’s a couple out there adventurous enough to drop their American dinner for the first flight out, as shown in the video below. Otherwise, if no one said yes (a few had passed before them), we’d probably call BS. There’s no way everyone in today’s gen would say no to free experiences (at least that’s what marketers and their millennial focus groups keep telling us).