A healthier kind of stress eating

Advertising student Darryl Sinclair's dolls offer a vessel for unwanted anxiety.


Ever wish you had a little monster companion that you could feed all your anxieties to – just stuff them into its fanged monster mouth and be done with them forever?

Darryl Sinclair, a fourth-year advertising major at the Alberta College of Art and Design, who interned last summer at Evans Hunt, has created Stress Eaters to help people externalize their anxieties by feeding the dolls with notes about what’s bothering them.

For me, I felt like writing down my thoughts made them feel more real, and not just something in my head; writing is repetitive and introspective,” she explains. “The concept of Stress Eaters is that, not only do you write down what you are feeling anxious about, but once the doll eats your stress, you don’t have to worry about that issue anymore.”

Sinclair’s hand-made fleece dolls are lightly stuffed, leaving plenty of room to put notes into its mouth. Each one is unique.

“Anxiety and depression are major mental health issues that I, and many other people, struggle with every day. There is no one way that works for everyone when it comes to dealing with mental health, but I have always found that writing down my feelings has always really helped me deal with anxiety and depression,” she says.

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