The very funny myth of adulthood

This artist's doodles, now in book form, will definitely draw smiles on any day of the year.


Illustrator Sarah Andersen’s work can basically be summed up as “it’s funny because it’s true.” But that’s really a massive understatement because her little slices of life are hilarious.

Her adorable comics let us know we’re not alone in our hatred of people everyone else likes, need for alone time and procrastination. Earlier this year, some of those observations made their way into a book, aptly called Adulthood is a Myth.

For those of our readers thinking that this work is just going to speak to the Peter Pan millennials out there, I’d argue that Andersen’s insights are dead-on for all ages.¬†And for an industry that prides itself on getting to the real human truths out there, take lessons from the artist’s fun little doodles, which she also shares on social media.

Take her thoughts on being overwhelmed. Or relationships.

Or – sorry, ad folks – this:


For the non-book lovers (read: weirdos) out there, prints of Andersen’s work are also for sale.

But for this holiday season, I’d encourage our readers to be like me and, evidently, Sarah Andersen:


Retails for $14.98.

Images via Sarah Andersen.