A WE little Christmas gesture

The charity is asking supporters to show their solidarity by spelling out its name in lights.

What would it take for you to spell out a brand’s name in your Christmas lights as a demonstration of support? What if there were only two, simple letters? And the brand was a charity trying to “make the world a brighter place”?

International development charity WE is trying to get supporters to incorporate its brand into their Christmas decorations with the “WE Lights” awareness campaign. People can make a statement of solidarity with their own lights, configuring them into the organization’s two letters and sharing photos and videos using the hashtag #WEBelieve.

“We were looking to tap into a pre-existing behaviour,” says Brian Murray, creative director at ds+p, the agency behind the campaign. “This will help increase the odds for this new holiday tradition to catch on.”

The campaign launched late last month with a promotional video featuring singers Serena Ryder, Jully Black and Paula Abdul.