Lighting a candle for every brand

Netflix and KFC find a new sense to invade.


A few weeks back, our sister pubĀ strategy brought you news of some OOH stunts making use of scents to enhance brand recall and emotional connection. Now some brands are getting even more intimate with the scent-vertising: custom candles to burn at home.

To promote the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix created a “binge candle.” Since each 90-minute episode represents one of the four seasons, the streaming company created a custom scent as the perfect sensory accompaniment, with the candles part of a promotional giveaway.

Not to be outdone, KFC New Zealand created its own scented candle, also as part of a promotion – for anyone who knows they probably shouldn’t be eating from the colonel’s bucket every night, but who still wants to feel like he’s around.