Dmitri rolls over, so you don’t have to

Zulu Alpha Kilo is using a sweet pup to do all of its apologizing (and it's working).

screen shot 2016-12-12 at 9.30.44 pm

No need to schedule awkward apologetic conversations with subordinates, colleagues and clients when you have one of these puppies in the office.

Whether you need to express your remorse for leaving naughty images of you and your wife on the server, for forgetting to unload the dishwasher or for urinating on the rug (we know that’s happened, at least once, at one of those advertising closed-door parties, so don’t even try to deny it) — Dmitri The Apology Dog is prepared to take one for the team.

Trained by the folks at Zulu Alpha Kilo, this adorable dog prances around the agency office and in and out of client meeting rooms, relaying all your dirty apologies (many explicitly dripping with passive aggression), so you don’t have to.