Now your cat can film itself

Current Studios has an app that will take photos of your cat when you've got other things to do.

Even in these polarized times, there’s one thing the internet can still agree on: we need more cat videos. That would be near-impossible to accomplish without some innovation and some initiative from the cats themselves.

Enter the Candid Catmera. Brooklyn-based Current Studios has created an app that allows cats to take selfies, more or less. The app plays looping animations designed to lure cats (mice, treats) and then snaps a photo when it detects the cat’s motion. It’s kind of like the reality TV version of The Secret Lives of Pets, or the first cat selfie tool.

Current Studios tested the app with the SPCA and is donating $1 from every ($2.79) download to the non-profit. The company works in the augmented reality space and decided it wanted to create an algorithm that only recognized cats, VP of creative technology Steve Martell said in a release.