OneMethod gives a C.R.A.P. (four actually)

The agency recognizes clients who gave it the space to be creative.

We all know the advertising industry isn’t suffering from a shortage of awards (we happen to hand out quite a few ourselves). But OneMethod has noted the asymmetry in all the back-patting, and has an annual tradition where it does its part to correct it. It’s called the C.R.A.P. Awards, for Creativity, Results, Attitude and People.

“The award game is a strange, strange thing,” the agency wrote in a description of the practice. “In many ways, it’s simply rooms full of creative people telling other creative people how creative they are. And one thing that sometimes gets lost during that process, is that not one person would be in that room if it weren’t for the clients, especially the truly dedicated and inspiring ones. This is the driving force behind The C.R.A.P. Awards.”

Since 2010, the agency has been recognizing the clients who give it the long creative leash it needs to produce award-winning campaigns: one for each C.R.A.P. criterion. Here are this year’s winners.

Sara Falconer / Canadian Red Cross

Paul De Larzac, Sara Rodrigues, Eryn Paust, Nagma Siddiqui / Haagen-Dazs

Rob Carducci / Kit Kat

John Fowler / Supreme Pharmaceuticals